How to Install Stairway Handrails


Can your stairs hold up 4 kids at the same time? Well, for that you should have stairways with strong rails. And also, if you have elderly people at your home, you should have strong handrails to support your stairways for safety purposes as most of the accidents stairway railings than anywhere else in the house.  Here are few simple steps to make your installing stairway handrails process easier.


Step 1: Measure and mark the locations

You should first check the building codes for finding right height requirements for installing handrail as most of the designs you choose might slightly exceed the building codes. To indicate the height of the rail above the stairs, you should measure and mark at the top and bottom of the stairs. A chalk line can be used to connect these marks. After that, you should locate the studs in the wall with a stud finder and mark them along the chalk line. To make sure that they work, you should use a level to mark the bracket locations.

Step 2: Mount the brackets and fix the rail

In the second step, you will need an extra helping hand for holding the railing in right position at the right height along the chalk line and positioning the bracket on the wall. You can use an awl to hit the holes through the mounting holes of the brackets. You can fix the long rail to the brackets by drilling pilot holes and mount brackets on wall as it also helps to avoid break offs of the heads. This time, you should use a level to position the shorter piece.


Step 3: Measure and cut the rail ends

The third step requires a combination square to mark the angles for cutting both rail ends. For joining two lengths of railing together and marking the ends of the rails, you can make a paper template of the angles. To get a 45-degree angle, the upper and lower ends of the rail can be cut by using a miter box. At the end, you should measure and cut the pieces of railing with a handsaw to assure a match. You should cut these pieces of railing that return to the wall so that they will not catch on the rail ends.


Step 4: Attach returns, rail and finish up

For the final step, you should spread glue on the both ends of the rail and the returns. You should attach returns, rails to brackets and secure them with L-brackets and screws. You should also spread glue on the rail’s top end, the short rail and attach the short rail to wall brackets. While the glue dries, you should use tape to secure the joint. After that, support the joint with a metal plate underneath the railing to finish up the process.


A handrail is a safety device that helps from falling down the stairs. So, installing stairway handrails is a perfect solution to avoid mishaps that might occur especially in homes, where there are children and elderly people.

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